Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


When you're actually doing good work, being told "Hey, you're doing good work" is KIND OF A NICE THING.

I got told that today. At a job I'm still at. This is better than being told "Hey, you did good work" two months after the person saying that had fired me. Well, gee, that's easy for you to say, then... But I digress.

Also, today I had a work-related question, and wanted to make sure I actually asked it, so I found the chance and took it and the following (slightly papraphrased) happened:

Me: What's the deal with [X]?

Supervisor: [X]'s an asshole.

OK, asked and answered. Quickly and thoroughly. And it's a slight relief to know it's not me, it's [X]. Sometimes that's all it is. And I can deal with that.
Tags: work

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