Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Warmth, glorious warmth

Conversation reported in yesterday’s Portland Tribune: “Wow, isn’t this weather something?” “Yeah, just like California, but without all the rain.” My parents came back from Northern Virginia on Thursday, where they went from snow to sun and nearly 70-degree weather. That’s one of the good kinds of shock. (A bad kind of shock is what a son of my fifth-grade teacher went through: he returned from a tour of duty in Vietnam in the middle of a dry and chilled Virginia winter, and fainted getting off of the plane.)

It turns out it wasn’t the most fun thing for Neil Gaiman to write, but his Marvel comic 1602 reads like it was fun. Neil got his geek on for that project, re-imagining Marvel Comics superheroes as if they arose in the early 17th century. The use of the X-Men character Magneto is, in my mind, an especially clever touch; I remember people incensed by the first issue because the character didn’t seem like the Magneto they knew. It took a while to show that, yep, he was exactly like the Magneto they knew, just disguised… I initially was a little disappointed that Bruce Banner/ The Hulk kind of got lost in the shuffle, but I’ll probably better understand his role when I re-read the series. (As Neil says in his afterword, “I cursed myself several times an issue for having thought that a story with about 30 major characters was a good idea.”)

With my parents back from visiting their grandsons, my nephews, I’ll visit them today so I can also see photos of the boys. That’s entertainment.
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