Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Tomorrow night will be busy...

Hi. Home from work, with more scheduled for next week. And two events tomorrow night I plan to get to the both of (yeah, my syntax there sucks):

  • Firefly 10th anniversary commemoration thingy, at Portland's Things From Another World location on NE Broadway. That's 6 to 9 Saturday night. In 2002 I was only aware of Firefly, but had a) no TV in my apartment and b) apparently not enough Joss Whedon-fan friends, so I didn't watch. I kept not watching (though hearing stories like Peter David's anecdote here) until 2006, sometime after I'd bought a combo TV/DVD player that fit in the one place in my apartment I could fit a cheap TV. Then I got it, and became a fan of it; I'd seen and really liked its spinoff film/finale Serenity, but here was the largest dose of Firefly I could get. It, and Joss Whedon's work in general, became more important to me. And tomorrow's event celebrates that.

    Speaking of celebrating:

  • I'll follow that with taking a bus back to SE to a restaurant called Plan B, which will have by then in full swing (again with the syntax, Chris) the Funemployment Radio Listener Party. FER was the first broadcasting response to KUFO's mass firing in 2009 of each radio personality at that station I actually liked; the then-unemployed Greg Nibler and Sarah X. Dylan created that podcast within weeks, and have kept it up ever since. FER's grown to encompass Geek in the City, Dawn Taylor's Ham-Fisted Radio, and shows hosted by other neat people I know like Kielen King (a.k.a. "Pwn Toney"), Scott Dally and more. (Happily, Sarah and Greg are no longer unemployed, either; they host Sportlandia, the official Portland Trail Blazers Internet TV show.) And all those shows and hosts are being celebrated, with live music and lots of alcohol.

  • This is also about the FER party, but deserves its own bullet point: We'll both celebrate and support Big-Ass Sandwiches. Support, as in fundraising. Co-owner Brian Wood needs surgery soon (hernias -- yes, I believe plural). He also needs health insurance, but (like a lot of 30-somethings and 40-somethings) he and Lisa can't afford that yet; for now, they need to cover a certain amount of fee, and people are starting to contribute towards that. We'll cover more of that fee tomorrow, because we want a repaired Brian Wood. As does his amazing wife Lisa. I mean, we just like him; her? She loves him. And that counts for lots.

  • Sometime after that? Sleep. You may have heard of it.
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