Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Fun with Sport!

Admission: I have no stake in Premier League football (at least, not yet; watch me watch more soccer and see if that changes). But knowing Manchester City F.C. fans and Arsenal F.C. fans is one of the ways my Twitter feed is very entertaining. GUESS WHO'S PLAYING THIS MORNING? Two teams that are making the people I follow over there go either "YES!!!" or "ARRGH!!!"(paraphrased), sometimes one right after the other. This allowed me to be goofy-cruel when Arsenal was down 1-nil:

Richard Willis (Houston-based Arsenal fan): Equalizer would be nice, Gunners.

Me: Edward Woodward with a gun would help how? ;-)

Richard Willis: Hardy har har. :P

And then, like punishment for taking delight in Richard's pain, I hear Mark Sanchez of the New York Jets throw an interception that the Miami Dolphins turn into a touchdown. Because of good guy popfiend, I have a stake in the Jets, and so, yes, I groaned.

Be right back, might be screaming at TVs today...
Tags: sport!

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