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(The rattling sound of not much) Change

There's a habit, usually a good one: save your loose change. After spending $4.76 of your $5, put the remaining two dimes and four pennies to the side; any quarters, of course (for many of us), go into the laundry fund, but those dimes, nickels and pennies add up.

Don't forget about the change, either. People have studied the potential economic impact of, say, old basements with jars full of coins that haven't been spent in decades. We don't know how much money is simply sitting like that; heck, how much is flat-out buried, or bulldozed out of demolished former homes.

I haven't forgotten about my stashes. My quarters are in one place, waiting to be (to quote terri_osborne, one of the New Yorkers I know) "laundry tokens"; back when I (briefly) collected state quarters for myself *, they were in another place (and the stash I saved to send to my friend Tarah in Virginia were in another place, mailed off to her every once in a while); dimes and nickels are in a corner of my kitchen; and a jar of pennies is in another corner of my kitchen, on a window sill. I need to see how much that totals.

And they've added up. One time so far, I "cashed in" (so to speak) the dimes and nickels, which totaled a little over $17. I blogged about it, even.

A sign that I haven't carried as much cash on me the past year, due to (um) cash flow issues -- meaning "Don't spend so much, because I have to have the funds to function" issues, meaning "I need more work" issues -- is that I've yet to get anywhere near an amount like that again. A few weeks ago I looked in the dime/nickel container, after having taken bits of change here and there from it to pay for such as TriMet upgrades, and saw I was down to thirty cents. Okay; time to make a concerted again to replenish that. Because it's still a good habit.

The pennies, again, I should do something with. I know what to do, which local supermarket has that coin-counting machine that then spits out a voucher for the exact amount, minus what it takes as a fee, that you then cash in at the register. (I like the term "cash in.") Just wondering if even the 5-inch-high, 3 1/2-inch-in-diameter collection would be worth it. I'll only find out by checking, though. And decide then whether or not it's worth saving the pennies separately like that, or if I should be littering "take a penny, leave a penny" trays with my future pennies.

In other news, I keep not forgetting about money.

* I'm pretty sure my 2001-2002 roommate Antonio found that stash and took from it. One of many signs I couldn't trust the guy; and I learned for certain later, soon before I moved out of that house, that he had gone into my bedroom more than once without my permission. Lessons learned, and I also gave up on having state quarters for myself.

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