Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The best worst hotel

Dream-Me gets hotel rooms that are simultaenously better and worse than the ones I've gotten. The hotel suite I was in was damn well-appointed. It also was dirty, installed with faucets that wouldn't stop running, and drawing flies. Also drawing what seemed like a combined grasshopper/snake. Which flew. And which could look at me. Slightly aggressively. "Yeah. I'm here. What are you going to do about it? I'm bigger than your shoe."

It had noticeable teats, as well. Maybe 10 of them. Again, big.

A hotel staffer did come into the (two-level! Woo hoo!) suite with Dream-Me to check on what needed cleaning, well aware that IT WASN'T MY MESS, but we got interrupted by someone else on staff who brought up his issue and distracted the person helping me, making me go "Whatever" and explore the rest of the suite. Lots of books, at least, in it, so that was nice. So was the meeting complex and Irish Setter I also found in it. I hope the dog didn't see the flying grasshopper/snake thing. It might have scared off the dog.

That seemed to happen (as much as dreams can seem to happen at a certain time) right before I woke up.

And how was your night?
Tags: dreams

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