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Clean ALL the Things!

Cleaned today (a day off): a stove top*! Two sink drains**! A toilet***! A lot of a shower****! Clothes*****! Even a storage space******! Next (at least soon): dishes, because I eat.

* Uncleaned spills are now washed and scrubbed off. Sometimes scratched off. The stove top is almost shiny now.

** Drain de-clogger, so things flow better, followed by baking soda, so things smell better. Or at least smell like baking soda.

*** I did some serious scrubbing. Elbow grease makes food tastier.

**** The shower walls needed attention. They got it. The sheet to keep water from soaking the curtain or the wall needed attention. It got it. After that, I needed attention. I got it. (I'm cleaner!)

***** Two, two, TWO loads of laundry. As I said on Twitter, "Dirty clothes hamper empty! And not because I just burned my clothes."

****** All of my books are out of my little storage unit in the basement. All part of my ongoing effort to keep going through, reading, and either keeping or getting rid of books. I also looked for one particular book, but apparently (I hope) it's at my parents' place, like some of my stuff is.

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