Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

I'd like to seek out NEW ENTRIES, please

Extra-quiet tonight, y'all. Too quiet. C'mon, people. Post. Don't make me go over to read nihilistic_kid or that one particular sociopathic asshole who's one of the few people I've blocked on LJ.

And in related news, I've been rebuilding my motivation to blog. Life's been a little quiet and kind of running-in-place; not too much happening, and I'm not going to lie in my blog just to add drama. But trust me, bloggable thoughts are still running through my head. At least I hope they're bloggable, blog-worthy, however you want to describe them.

It was a nice day, at least, and it'll be a nice night. Got a near-full moon lighting things up and everything. There are books, Grimm later, those dishes I still need to wash, I can always eat more, there could even be dancing since I have no problem dancing alone...

Anyway. I'm still here, yo.

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