Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Very Portland-y

That was me yesterday: walking and bussing around Portland, wearing a Trek in the Park T-shirt (for last year's show "Mirror, Mirror"), a ball cap from the Portland Center for the Performing Arts (where I used to volunteer as a tour guide), carrying a Multnomah County Library bag (if I wanted to be still Portland-ier I could've carried my Stumptown Comics Fest bag or a Wonder Northwest bag), and reading Nightmare of Ecstasy, the bio of Edward D. Wood, Jr. that was one of the books the film Ed Wood was based on.

Even more Portland-y was when I boarded a bus, the driver saw the book and told me "Great film." "Yes," I said, quietly but forcefully. I should've given him a thumbs-up.

Another day where it'll be worth going out in the sunshine. I'll be doing that soon. Might not look as Portland-y, but by Gum I'll be Portland-y.

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