Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Also, a random note: Mr. Owl was impatient.

What rates a post?

Is it my now being the proud owner of a black hoodie from Big-Ass Sandwiches?

Is it the impressive (I think) amount of walking I've done this week, including today after work?

Is it that I had pleasant dealings today with who I usually have to be on-guard with because that person's often a jerk?

Is it that I revisited in my head some dumb-ass things I've done in the past and tried (I hope) to apply the "don't be a dumb-ass" lessons from those memories? (I'll know when I make sure to enable only in positive ways, not negative ways.)

Is it that I'm amused that until I placed my library hold for the John Scalzi novel Redshirts, about the crewmembers on a U.S.S. Enterprise-like vessel who realize they're only there just to die, my county library had 86 holds on the book?

Is it that I've amused people? And not by being dumb?

Is it that I'm about to get to see Poltergeist on the big screen, tomorrow, thanks to Cort and Bobby "Fatboy" Roberts and the Midnight Movies at the Bagdad? (And is it that I hoped friends learn how to get early tickets for that event? Woo hoo! I was useful and knew stuff!)

Is it that I'm glad I'm reading what I'm reading, and hope to continue feeling so?

Is it that I've at most only barely sunburned this year, and in fact I even got a little bit of color in my usually glowing-white lower arms? (Oh, the rest of me is still glowing-white, but that's genetics.)

...No. *grins* This entry is how I was walking from the bus stop to my apartment and passed a S.W.A.T. team.

The S.W.A.T. team was cleaning up after a training session inside a small, SE 17th and Boise TriMet maintenance building that's about to be knocked down for light rail work. A man with the team told me only that the team "had fun" with the building. Fun involved breaking lots of glass, which men with push brooms were sweeping up around the building.

Until now, the closest I've gotten to S.W.A.T. was a not particularly good film. New experience! A slight one.

And that entry was rambling, but it amused me to ramble.

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