Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Soon, you will hear me. In audio.

I had something to say!

Yeah, I don't always. I don't want, whether I'm visiting people or writing here, to have diarrhea of the fingers. (I don't want that AT ALL. The mess! The splashes! The puddles! Shorting out electronics with (literally) crap! DEAR GOD THAT WOULD BE TERRIBLE...)

This evening I was a guest on a whole podcast for the first time. I've spoken exceedingly briefly on one podcast (my friend Mary-Suzanne Lamkins's Radio Stumptown, as recorded at Stumptown Comics Fest) and called into one radio show (Cort and Fatboy, back when they were still on terrestrial radio and KUFO 101.1 still existed), but I've mostly avoided asking to guest on the podcasts people I know are putting on. Which is a lot of people, as Portland has an ever-stronger podcast scene and I do follow Portland media stuff...

The thing is, I wanted to be sure I had something ready to say that'd be worth saying. I don't want to go on just to go on, as if anybody owes me a slot on their show as a favor. (So far, I've asked once, and it was a long-shot request, and nothing came of it, which I expected. That should be enough disclosure.) But getting invited makes it tempting, and my friend Mat Bradley-Tschirgi invited me onto the show he co-hosts, Sequelcast: he and Kentucky-based co-host Thrasher talk about film series. Mat asked last night if I wanted to add to their discussion on 1984's Gremlins. I could, and I'd have time (yay for current work ending at 3:00!), and I did.

I'm old enough that I saw the film first-run, at age 10, and I was proud of being able to handle it; my family knew about how Gremlins and Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom were controversial for being stronger than people expected from their PG ratings. If it warped me, I was already pretty warped yeah, that line's almost too easy. Never mind. And I've even written about Gremlins before, so thinking up more thoughts and remembering trivia was no problem. I just hope I spoke clearly enough and didn't lisp too much. Beforehand I was tempted to quote the film Bugsy, where Bugsy Malone sometimes recites "The key to proper pronunciation is the annunciation of every syllable. Example: Twenty dwarves took turns doing cartwheels on the carpet. Twenty dwarves took turns doing cartwheels on the carpet..."

(Why Bugsy recites that: it, um, er, clears his head after he's killed someone. It's a mob film, you surprised?)

The Sequelcast show was about an hour long, and that time went fast. I was in headphones, hunched near Mat's computer; it's an in-home, simple set-up, but one that can still record a good-sounding show. What I recorded will be up a few weeks from now; I'll link y'all to it when I can. Hear me go on and on and on and on like Journey. (...OK, that was random.)
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