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Soothed. Eventually. Here's how.

Rain has returned to Portland. I survived driving in it; Tara Dublin used the term "rain amnesia" earlier to refer to how our fellow Northwesterners KEEP FORGETTING how to drive in the rain, even though, you know, we get a reasonable amount of it. I'd driven to work today to give myself more time to get out of the apartment this morning. It means I can leave half an hour later than when I take the bus to the job.

Heading home in my car, I could pace myself: first I drove to a library branch, then to see some different scenery up in Forest Park. I need to get to Forest Park more often. I was in the wrong footwear (sneakers, one with a hole in it) to go on a walk on NW Leif Erikson Drive on a drizzly day, but I saw a little bit of the park and headed home. Didn't have too much dumb driving, bicycling or walking happen around me, though at one point one driver in the right lane successfully turned left. From the right lane. Across traffic. I'm glad I'm not that driver, because I try not to be an asshole.

So the driving was almost, by certain standards, relaxing.

But not quite. And I didn't iommediately relax when I got home, because I wanted dinner reasonably soon after getting home. So I got cooking. Basic food for the win: chicken I boiled down in water, butter, and garlic salt, plus rice. Got steamy in the kitchen. One time before, I'd done this and set off the fire alarm, so I pre-emptively opened a window to let some of the steam out.

Good choice. I mentioned it's drizzling. And I had this fall's first dose of gentle rainfall outside my window.

It's time to enjoy that sound. And to get used to it, as it's starting to get wet again in Portland. Portland needs rain; we've had only a trace of rainfall in the past few months. Time to change.

I'll try not to get sneezy during that change.

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