Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh


Oh: the Department of Environmental Quality car emissions test goes quickly. It goes quickly even when the system screws up at first and claims my car didn't pass the test, but claims so in a way that the DEQ person monitoring my test realized was a system problem, not a my-car problem, so she ran it again to be sure that if I got a test fail, it would be legit. My car passed, I thanked her and the other attendants, I got in my car, drove off, and stopped at the SE 82nd Krispy Kreme to indulge in doughnuts and coffee when I realized I'd left my backpack at the DEQ.

Which I'd taken in with me during the test because I thought I'd wait and have time to read a book, read a book, read a m*********ing book. I didn't. And, rare for me, I didn't think to grab the backpack again until several minutes and a couple of miles later.

The DEQ people were fine with holding on to my backpack until I drove back. Thank y'all! Ten seconds to get the backpack back, and some minutes to get back to Krispy Kreme so I actually could have the relaxing time involving doughnuts, coffee and a book.

I could finally relax, which I wouldn't have had I had my treats before returning to the DEQ. I also was more relaxed knowing my tags are renewed until November 2014. You're welcome, Future Me.

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