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Still a no-shower day...

Though I did get shoes and a sweatshirt on and walk (and even sometimes jog) in the neighborhood, plus later I'll do laundry. Resisting getting in the car to get drive-thru food.

I can indulge. I had four count 'em four doughnuts at Krispy Kreme yesterday! OK, one was a blueberry cake, but I also had two chocolates with sprinkles -- one in Oregon Ducks colors, one in Oregon State Beavers colors, because I like both football teams to do well, even in the Civil War (please, no more Toilet Bowls, men!) -- and a glazed raspberry-filled. My stomach and taste buds enjoyed that. So. I indulged. It still happens. It just won't be via drive-thru food.

Come to think of it, most drive-thru food wouldn't be an indulgence, not really. More an indulgence of convenience. Anyway.

Stay relaxed. I plan to.
Tags: peregrinations, sport!

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