Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Standing in the Shower

Showers. They're one of the relatively few things I can really luxuriate in. I treasure the warmth, the sense that I'm getting cleaner -- no, cleeeeeeeeeeeaner. They can be an indulgence: I'm lucky to almost always be able to take warm showers. (Because of this, and not for the first time, I figure I'd make a lousy Survivor contestant.) I take baths when I can, and they're their own form of indulgence, but here I'd need to make a special trip to have a bath, so I usually don't. So it's showers that help me feel more awake and human in the morning.

Which led to this moment from this morning, where I waited a little longer than normal to finish drying myself off and step out of the shower. Actual thought that went through my head as I stood there:

I would get dry this way. Eventually. A pause, then: Not the time to test that!

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