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Do the dance of books!

Been meaning to do this: today I got myself to Mom and Dad's place in Dundee and went book-hunting. I wanted to retrieve more books for my current "read it/decide to keep it or not/ sell, donate or give away what I won't keep" pattern. ("It's spring cleaning in winter," the Subway guy making my sandwich said when I told him what I'd be up to.) I dug, hoping to find certain things. First I found a few in one place I'd expected, then a stash elsewhere that I hadn't expected but was glad to see, then another bunch in another box, then -- right after thinking "but where is [X] and [Y] and [Z]?" about certain books -- finding a bag on top of a box, both of them loaded with MY BOOKS MY BOOKS MINE MINE MINE.

I yelled "Yes!" and danced a silly dance, arms high and hands higher and my body bouncing on my legs. I was really glad I'd found this stuff. It's important to me to find this stuff -- to, again, consolidate because I can always use Less.

Books are in various bags and a small box, and clean laundry is here, too, because it's cheaper to do three loads of laundry there than with the "laundry token"-taking machines in my apartment's basement. More clean stuff and more reading!

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