Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The time 10-year-old me wrote poetry

Discovered as I went through me-stuff at the folks' place earlier: 1) I'd accidentally bought two copies of David Gerrold's A Rage For Revenge; 2) I didn't have the patience at that moment to go through college essays and eighth-grade writing assignments, so I'll look at those another time; 3) my yearbooks from eighth through 12th grades; and 4) one piece of poetry I wrote in the fourth grade. At least it's short; it's also possibly the first thing of mine to get published (it was either this or these short pieces I did for my fourth grade school's newspaper).


The sun is blocked
By the cloudy day.
And everybody talked,
They all had something to say.
All about the blackness, all about
As if the night had come to shout,
Grey and gloomy anyway,
On every single cloudy day.

I actually didn't live in Oregon when I wrote that: I was at Trantwood Elementary in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

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