Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Speak up!

That subject line's directed to myself, y'know.

At work today we were printing addresses on a certain mailing that comes in two types: with a stapled-in insert, and without. Without-inserts are a little fiddly when fed through the printer; With-inserts are REALLY fiddly. In other words, one's prone to getting caught and another's REALLY prone to getting stuck. Thank goodness we started with the mailings that didn't have inserts, and had not too many get hung up in the machine.

Later, after we'd printed addresses on 6,000 of those mailings, we were done with that type and we loaded the next mailing, for a different store in a different state. I'd looked at the next mailing, and noticed it had the insert. Hey, I thought, I should ask a supervisor "How do we handle these differently? Because these have the insert." Seemed like a good idea to ask.

I didn't. After a few minutes of wrangling the new mailings through the printer and having trouble, a supervisor then happened to open one and go "Oh, yeah, the insert." He adjusted the machine accordingly. An adjustment he could've made earlier if I'd said something.

It's a block I have. I've been on too many jobs where the people above me got annoyed with me if I was asking questions or pointing out things. It's like they were training me -- inadvertantly, most likely -- to think that I'd only point out something obvious and not worth their time, because I didn't know enough to see anything that might be a genuine issue. Today's thing was a small thing, but it reminded me of that block, and how stupid it is -- especially since at this job, the people I report usually don't mind if I point something out. At least if I point it out loudly enough. IT'S AN INDUSTRIAL SPACE, WE WEAR EARPLUGS SO WE HAVE TO BE LOUD. Ahem.

It still happens with some people, because most workplaces have someone or more than one someones who don't like being questioned. (Or corrected. Dear God. Aaaaaaaand I think I won't blog why that came to mind. Hmph.) But! I have thoughts! I notice stuff! Maybe that's helpful. And the sooner noticed and remarked-upon, the better. HEAR THAT, CHRIS?! Especially since you're typing this at home, not in the noise of the job?

Anyway. This has been another episode of "My hang-ups, let me show you them."
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