Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

This is my serious face?

Oh, dear. It dawned on me Wednesday, while I was doing my best to be awake at work and not quite succeeding (after staying up late on Tuesday to see first Gov. Romney's concession speech and then Pres. Obama's victory speech) that my tired face looks a lot like my frustrated face.

I did not expect this. I thought it looked, at most, neutral. But I realized I looked kind of pissed off. No, I was just tired. Awake enough to work, but in context, especially with the people who monitor that particular machine having trouble running it, I looked like Richard Dreyfuss while making Jaws wearily saying, "The shark, is not, working."

I wasn't pissed off. Really. Please let no one at work think I was...
Tags: work

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