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Ignore if you've never seen Stripes

So there's that scene in Stripes where Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, John Candy and other troops go to a topless bar, with Candy winding up in the mud wrestling ring and causes havoc to the tune of Elmer Bernstein's wonderfully jaunty "Stripes" march, and everyone's cheering until the cops raid the bar and when I thought back on that scene I wondered:

Could it really have been that loud from outside the bar?

I mean, seriously, why that night for a raid? Then I realized that the guys in basic training were likely AWOL so the cops were sent after them, but then I thought:

There's that waitress, and she's topless, but she covers up when the cops arrive! Why?

And then I realized Oh! I can claim she's covering up because the cops aren't paying customers!

I can justify anything.

This brought to you by the march in this:


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