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"Clothed in immense power," indeed

Dream-Me time-traveled last night: time-traveled to the mid-19th century, to a forest-choked part of America, to meet a politician named Abraham Lincoln. And to get him to come with me forward in time to the future so he could lead from orbit as 21st century humanity fought invading aliens. Seriously. We wound up in a space station from where he could direct nuclear strikes against the invaders.

Lincoln, I think, wasn't yet even President at the time I snagged him from the past, but somehow, he was still the right choice to save the world. (Hey, he's already successfully fought vampires...and ridden on a velociraptor...)

Yes, my dreams are this detailed. Especially this dream's 19th century bits. I had to walk/float down a river to get to where a debate Lincoln was hosting was about to take place. Really felt like I was slogging through water, hoping that water moccasins weren't going to nibble me. I'm glad I didn't wake up wet. And that Lincoln knew what to do with technology 200 years ahead of him. (I'll pretend he learned something from appearing on Star Trek.)

Good morning!
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