Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Quiet and lazy on a Sunday

Sunday, when the morning is just longer, isn't it?

Portland today is blanketed, with a blanket of clouds that, unlike most blankets, don't really keep us warm. I've been home, I've been thinking, I've kept from being bored. Even walked kind of jaunty-style around the apartment this morning, but I haven't been motivated to cover more ground than that.

Feeling less jaunty after my first viewing of the film version of No Country For Old Men, but you'd be surprised if I felt jaunty after seeing that, right? (Yes, I watched that instead of football. I realized how spun-up and tense I got last night with the Oregon Ducks-Stanford Cardinal game, so I figured I'd disengage from the game for a bit and feel the feels about something else.) If nothing else, the film sure makes me glad no one in my life is after me with weapons. Anyway. I'll likely try watching it again.

Another thing on my mind (other than my scalp) is the ever-effort to be funny. Or at least clever and witty. I recently re-realized that it bothers me a bit if I go to too obvious a joke. But at times the bane of my social existence is the response "What?," because I'm too obscure. I'm better at saying "BNever mind" or "Bad joke" and moving on from that, because I can try again to be clever later. But even when I've made someone laugh, I'll start analyzing, and sometimes I decide Wait! What I said doesn't actually make any sense! Heck of an internal editor. Plus, honestly, I'm trying to speak less, anyway, and have what I say count more.

Shorter version: I'm feeling a little boring because I'm not always as clever as I'd like. But I'm still ahead of this guy:

xkcd superlative

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