Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Seriously, Chris? Seriously?

I mean, seriously, Chris? You're still letting that make you crazy?

You're about to hit the first anniversary of getting fired from a job that was making you crazy, and you still think back to how the job made you crazy? You still get worked up over the weird circumstances and constrictions of that job?

Think of it this way, Chris: you were getting paid (not all that well, honestly, but anyway) to deal with that job in that situation. Now that you're not getting paid to deal with that, you're going to get even less out of obsessing over that situation. You're letting that (former! Former!) situation still affect you. That's dumb.

Yes, do your best to keep from getting into another work situation like that; yes, keep the lessons of that job in mind as you look for work; but knowing you were in an unfair situation in that job and had trouble trying to make it more fair should not mean that the unfairness of that job should still affect you. Shooting yourself in the foot is NEVER a good idea. Moving on with lessons learned is.

I mean, seriously?

(And no, you're not going to get a job with the Leverage team, because they don't exist.)

"There are other jobs, better jobs. You're bound to be qualified for at least one of them." -- Randal Graves, Clerks (1994)
Tags: work

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