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Now Is Your Tongue Numb?

This is the story of Petey the Snake.

Petey was a little snake, only so big, and Petey lived in a pit with his mother.

One day, Petey was hissing in the pit when his mom said, "Petey, don't hiss in the pit. Go outside the pit to hiss."

So Petey went outside the pit to hiss. Petey was hissing all around when he finally leaned over and hissed in the pit. His mom looked up, saw him hissing in the pit, and said, "Petey, if you have to hiss in a pit, go over to Mrs. Potts's pit and hiss in her pit."

So Petey went over to Mrs. Potts's pit to hiss, but she wasn't home, so he hissed in her pit anyway.

While Petey was hissing in Mrs. Potts's pit, Mrs. Potts came home and found him hissing in the pit. She said, "Petey, if you have to hiss in a pit, go to your own pit to hiss. Don't hiss in my pit."

This made Petey very sad, and he cried all the way home.

When he got home, his mom saw him crying and said, "Petey, what is the matter?"

Petey said, "I went over to Mrs. Potts's pit to hiss, but Mrs. Potts wasn't home, so I hissed in her pit anyway, and then Mrs. Potts came home and found me hissing in her pit, and said 'Petey, if you have to hiss in a pit, go to your own pit to hiss, don't hiss in my pit.'"

And his mom said, "Why that mean old lady! I knew Mrs. Potts when she didn't even have a pit to hiss in!"

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