Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

(Dream-) Memories of Green

Last night I dreamed the Northern Lights.

I dreamed the view from a scarifyingly long, scarifyingly wobbly, wooden stairway down a steep hillside, overlooking a large city and its 50-story buildings only slightly lit up in the middle of the night. (A very orderly-laid out city, by the way: it clearly had a circular road network.) I was a little distracted at first, as I'd left a large and well-lit multi-story club space -- one where people I knew were, among other things, um, shooting arrows inside the club and those arrows were barely missing me -- and my eyesight was adjusting. In fact, Dream-Me thought the green blotches I was seeing in the sky were the after images I sometimes see when I squeeze my eyelids shut or move from brightness to darkness...but then they got stronger. And were behind the buildings and the low hills beyond. I was impressed. I moved down the stairs for a better view, remembered that the stairs were wobbly, and sat down and just watched.

The aurora borealis can be, among other things, green, though usually they are many, many colors. But the quick pulsing and wobbling of the lights tend to happen, too.

And this made me wish I were seeing the Northern Lights for real.
Tags: dreams

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