Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Maybe this will be a shorter break.

Maybe I'll post regularly again this week, maybe I'll wait to do so. Certainly, I'm not staying away that much (except last weekend, but almost all blog readership is low on weekends anyway), but I am trying to be fresher about it. I've felt like I'm saying* and writing similar things and phrases over and over, and that's a potential recipe for boredom. I want blogging to keep happy-fying me: "Oo! I get to blog about something!" instead of "I guess I'll blog about something..." But not thinking for a while about blogging has, I think, helped.

The 12/12/12 concert for Superstorm Sandy relief is on my TV (tape delay, so I've heard of awesome and "Huh?"-causing events at this concert already thanks to social media. I'm a more prepared TV viewer now!), and joy and music are reaching my place. I hope both are for you, too.

* That applies in person, too. More careful, thoughtful talking is my goal. As well as speaking up so people understand me. I'm not yet to that Jules Winfield "SAY 'WHAT' AGAIN! I dare you!" stage, but really, I want to be understood. I'll keep tryyyyyyyyyyying.

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