Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The Jackass Tax

6/22/2013 note: Heck, it's reopened again, why not. // 12/21/2012 note: I decided to lock this entry and make it slightly less public. I'm also wondering if I should've written it in the first place. For now, here's what I wrote yesterday.

Someone I barely knew through Facebook is defending the sadly impugned honor of guns way, way, way past my desire to listen. To the "I don't read your entries except accidentally anyway, why do I need to hear yet again the argument that cars are worse than guns*?" point. So I'm not following this person anymore. I wanted to deal with him somehow -- make arguments (e.g. "Cars are tools for many things -- guns are tools with exactly ONE purpose"), or make snark (e.g. "My God! Premeditated murder by car! It's everywhere! Death Proof was right!") -- but my frequent desire to get the hell away from arguing, because I'm not particularly good at it, took precedence. Besides, if I argued with him then stopped following him on Facebook, this person would think I was just flouncing and not wanting to argue anyway. So he could ignore me. BECAUSE OF COURSE I'M NOT GOING CHANGE THIS GUY'S MIND. Or make him not be a jackass.

As someone who's been a jackass and who tries not to be, I have trouble imagining it as a habit. Plenty of people do. What if we take advantage of this?

Yes, you may be a jackass. But we'll tax you for it. You can pay for the privilege! Being a jackass is a renewable resource: you can keep doing it...and we, finally, can benefit.

And maybe I just like the sound of "jackass tax."

* A mild point, relatively speaking. Another invoked Timothy McVeigh.

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