Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

It's Satur-tastic

I was stessed during the work week.

I am not stressed now.

I took a prescription of Lots-o'-walkin' this afternoon: the ten blocks to the main east-west drag on my neighborhood's north end, then a bus to Pioneer Courthouse Square (or "P.C. Square" as I call it) and up to the central library. Much walking continued to and within the main Powell's store (the one-block-of-bookstore that I've patronized on and off since the Eighties: I still remember that the first book I ever bought there was Bloom County: Loose Tails). I, that would be telling, which means it might be telling someone who reads this. They'll be getting a present. But I digress.

I got screamed at in a crosswalk later (a woman who burst out "WIPE THAT SMILE OFF YOUR FACE!"; that wiped the smile off my face for...about two seconds, but then I thought of the new Weird Al album and smiled again, though she couldn't see) before having an early dinner of Panaeng-curry salmon at Aroy Thai downtown. I didn't go there enough when I worked in that part of downtown; Aroy Thai was a favorite of my colleagues in the Vesta Fraud Department back in '02. I'm still happily digesting it.

Then, to start working off that dinner, I walked the long walk of this program: down Waterfront Park, down a long dock and back (yay, boats), then to RiverPlace and up to the Ross Island Bridge, where a bus appeared with perfect timing to get me back to my neighborhood.

This was good.
Tags: peregrinations, portland

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