Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Awake! Success.

That's how this morning felt. I covered more ground Christmas night than I usually do, since family Christmas dinner was at my Uncle Greg and Aunt Peg's home in Dayton and I needed to be home at a reasonable time to be ready to go to sleep then go to work today at my regular time.

Nice to wake up naturally from sleep, without too abruptly going from dream-sleep to being awake. (The dream I had soon before waking was me finding out I'd been booked as a Survivor contestant without me knowing it, and my folks (who'd known) were helping me get ready to be sent to whatever exotic location that season would take place. I was nervous and excited, instead of being Wait, what? You can't even do that! Plus I'd be a lousy Survivor contestant! Yeah, dream logic is not Earth logic.)

Awake enough, functional enough, leaving early enough, still awake enough once I was at work at the bindery: yeah, I wasn't sure I'd manage that. I did need an 8-ounce (55 cent) cup of vending machine coffee come lunchtime, but that's not a big deal.

I'm also glad my holiday time was relaxing, even though I don't always get too relaxed when driving. Heading to my parents' place Sunday, I was among plenty of traffic, including a SmartCar whose driver didn't seem to want to let me merge when a road narrowed. Are you taunting me? I thought towards it. I'm bigger than you. Eventually I made it (yes! Traffic let me get there!), and felt much more relaxed after that. Tuesday/yesterday, it made the most sense for me to drive to Dayton then go straight home that evening, but while in Dayton I kept feeling very relaxed. And learned that my grandpa Irv used to work at a Cummins Northwest office only four blocks from where my bindery job is. (Know the Jack in the Box at NW 23rd and Vaughn, right next to that little nub of freeway? That's where Grandpa Irv used to work. Before that last little part of the little freeway was built. Time traveling from that spot would be a disaster; you might go into a wall or fall through the air to the freeway OH NOES...)


Y'all good? I hope so. If you aren't good, get good. If you are good, stay good.
Tags: dreams, survivor

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