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I should not be allowed to use swear words ;-)

So several Fridays ago (while waiting for the final Cort and Fatboy Show to begin), I got talking with Portland Mercury writer and film critic Erik Henriksen. He'd seen Quentin Tarantino's new flick, the spaghetti Western-flavored Django Unchained; I hadn't and haven't, but I'd have to be the only film fan without a head not to know what Tarantino's work is like. Which is why I said, "It should be titled Django Unchained, Motherfucker." Henriksen said "Lots of films would be better if "Motherfucker" were in the title!"

Motherfuck, he's right. Books, too:

The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie, Motherfucker
On Her Motherfucker's Secret Service
Stephen King's It, Motherfucker
Ghost Dog: The Way of the Motherfucker (wait, it could also be The Motherfucker of the Samurai)
I Am Legend, Motherfucker
Chinatown, Motherfucker (also the film's last line)
Say Anything, Motherfucker (Ione Skye and John Mahoney's relationship would be MUCH different in that version)
Thucydides's The Peloponnesian War, Motherfucker
Band of Motherfuckers
Motherfucker Logan's Run
Mission: Impossible. Motherfucker. (Heck, phrased that way, it suggests a plot...)
Starship Motherfuckers
Motherfucker of the Rings
It's Alive III: Island of the Motherfuckers (I can totally see Larry Cohen doing that. Or Q: The Winged Motherfucker!)
The Iron Motherfucker
The Motherfucker of the Lambs
The King's Motherfucker
Mr. Motherfucker's Opus
Motherfuckers on the Bounty

(I've heard someone suggest that the one title where this wouldn't work would be My Dinner With Andre.)

Any more, y'all? I MUST SHARE THIS.

There. The swearing is done. You're safe. Unless you click on any possible comments...

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