Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

In other news, I am pale

Sunbathing. Now I get it.

I kid. Or I exaggerate. Your pick. Me, I picked sun, because I could: after a be-clouded period here in Portland, we're getting sun. And 30-degree temps for the first time this season, so my having a thick coat* will be nice soon -- I like being warm -- and also staying inside and reading while I had football playinmg in the background seemed good for today, too.

And the midday sun in my apartment's south-facing main windows was shining right on my bed.

I got the right idea.

Pillow at the foot of my bed, me lying in underwear, socks and nothing else -- and soon in nothing but socks -- and I was sooooooooooaking in the sun, holding a book above me out of the light enough so that I could read it. Comfy and content. Thanks, sun!

I'm dressed now -- gotta be presentable for other reasons -- but man, that felt good.

* I've gotten back a 20-year-old red coat I got my first year in college. It's red and thick. How well-padded? I saved space while on a dorm trip to a Sun River, Oregon cabin and used it as a sleeping bag.

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