Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Hi, Dad!

I have a gift. I'll tell you about it once I'm sure I'm properly using it.

This required Dad coming into town (after his morning exercise sessions at ADAPT Training in Beaverton) to give me the gift and show me a bit about using it, then taking me to lunch. Easy to find a good place in Portland, and we were in no hurry, so -- Jack-in-the-Box, here we come! Um, NO. We had a good lunch and a good visit at Genie's Cafe, kitty-corner from the Ford Building -- Dad hadn't known that cars used to be built there -- and after that, I directed him over to the newish Super Pod where Big-Ass Sandwiches is now. He's already planning to have his first Big-Ass nacho fries -- fries with the Bechamel cheese sauce, onions, jalapenos, and Secret Aardvark hot sauce -- just at a time when he's actually hungry! Genie's had taken care of the hunger thing for him for now. As it should.

But it was nice, getting to show Dad some of my haunts, eat some of the food I like, and just to visit with him about, well, stuff: football, family homes, Portlandia, and the food cart life.

I'm full and warm, and those are two other good things.

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