Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Can it also be quiet on New Year's Eve?

A few hours from finishing 2012...a year where I hope I learned a lot about how NOT to do certain stuff.

Where I saw ample evidence that I need to be more aggressive in improving my life, and at least improving my work. That I can get out of my comfort zone, because doing that's likely to get me to, for instance, a better job. Among other needed things.

I can do more good stuff. More good writing, more pay, better relating to people -- I've felt a lot of insecurity this year that's made me think, at some level, people only tolerate you, not like you, despite ample evidence that people do actually like me -- more just, in, general. And make progress.

I've felt a little stuck. 2012 put up roadblocks that added to that, but a lot of it was me not overcoming my own issues and my own damn inertia. How many of my obstacles are illusory? How many of yours are?

When I wrote that Cort and Bobby ending their podcast should be a spur towards more of us doing our own awesome stuff, I also wrote that as a goad to myself. SUBTEXT, yo.

I want more of what I report here, on Facebook and on Twitter to be awesome.

So, 2013: I hope you and I really, really get along.

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