Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Yes! In my own bed tonight!

So it's a mess, but not enough of a mess that it's driving me away.

I'll explain that. Today the maintenance guy for our building was in my bathroom: he took down a good chunk of wall to get to a pipe that needed fixing. He's made the needed fix, and has started putting the bathroom back together. Had he not been able to get it more put together (i.e. at least with my toilet reconnected), I would've been staying in a motel room tonight. There's still work to do, which means there's still a mess, but that'll get cleaner. For now, I can clean myself and excrete from myself. (Yes, I know that sounds bad. It amused me to put it like that.)

I am glad that I'll get to be here tonight instead of a motel room. Because hey, I'd rather be in a motel room on Thursday night anyway, because maybe the room'd have ESPN and I could watch the Oregon Ducks play Kansas State in the Fiesta Bowl. Priorities: I have them...

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