Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Thank you, Mom and Dad...

...for teaching me how to balance my checkbook. And for stressing the importance of balancing my checkbook.

I don't have much money, but by Gum it's accounted for.

For a while, it wasn't. A couple of years ago (during my first year at Hoffman) I got really lax about it; I let my bank notices stack up in their neat, proper envelopes for months. Then I realized I was getting nervous about that; it took me a while to break my mental logjam, the one making me not want to think about the money, and got it straightened out. And I wasn't off by that much. It took some time, but I got back into the habit of checking it monthly...and now I'm less nervous about it. And nowadays if I'm off, it's by small amounts. Once I'd written down a debit wrong and was off by five cents.

Haven't yet had a mistake-in-my-favor the way one of my aunts did, where it turned out she'd underestimated what was in one account by hundreds of dollars. But of course, I've made no mistakes where I thought I had hundreds more than what I had.

Now to add more to what's there. It'll all need to be legal tender. Banks frown on the other kind, right?

This entry is brought to you partly by my desire to continue not bouncing checks. I've never done it before and hope not to start now!

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