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Stuff what's been done

My two hands yesterday were among many hands making light work. I and various friends and family helped Kristen Martz and Ryan Fleming, an engaged couple I know, move stuff out of their side of a duplex in NE Portland and move said stuff into an apartment in SW Portland.

While unloading the duplex basement, I found a penny under a rolling plastic drawer-tower. I gave it to Ryan. "So you know I'm not stealing from you," I said. "Let's think it's a lucky penny," I added. I'm always collecting coins, but not just for my benefit.

I had time to help reload their stuff, with chances to take moments to appreciate their new home's neat view of South Waterfront, and was rewarded in the way of my people (and of your people and of a lot of people's people) with pizza that Kristen brought over. We found space for the pizza boxes on top of furniture and so many, many boxes. It was a crowded apartment. "We apologize, feng shui dragons," I said at one point.

I had time to get home, freshen up, drink tea and Coke (separately) and get out to a birthday for another neat person I know, nicknamed "Shads." That was a fun few hours, in a waaaaaaaarm house where the hosts played episode after episode of the 1960s Batman (Shads is not only a gigantic Batman fan, but last night was the anniversary of the premiere of that show in 1966). I even sort of danced! And talked with people about Star Trek, because there were lots of Star Trek fans, too. When in doubt, Star Trek. Story of my life. I'm not complaining.

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