Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Of *course* you can launch from a space-age bachelor pad, if you know what I mean...

Yes! I was out this weekend! I got photographified at Saturday night's birthday party for Shads, one of the local people I know. The house where her party was held was decorated Batman-style: mainly like the Adam West TV show, but other eras were representated. (Another friend of Shads made a Batman My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic figure! That was seriously adorable.)

Shads also asked us to dress up if we could, '60s-style preferred. I didn't figure out what I could do with my limited wardrobe until the day before. Behold:

Chris as Space-Age Lounger - Shads Party Jan 12 2013

The Space-Age Lounger, relaxing after a tough day working on the Apollo program.

Chris and Mary-Suzanne - Shads Party Jan 12 2013

CUE NELSON RIDDLE!!! Mary-Suzanne Lamkins attacks.

(Don't worry, Mary-Suzanne and I are friends.)

You should be able to see more photos of us happy people at that party here. Neat stuff.
Tags: portland

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