Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Out. And about.

Still learnin' this iPad thing...

I've taken myself out this afternoon, to where free wifi exists and is accessible (hi, library!). Been mainly looking at silly stuff (hi, WWE videos!) and hoping I've properly saved a podcast by Dawn Taylor (Ham Fisted Radio, which should link through here) so I can listen to it later. It started playing while I didn't have my earphones plugged in, which was embarrassing, but they're in now. (I'm glad my earphones for my cute portable CD player/radio fits into this iPad jack. AT LEAST I HOPE IT'S IN THE RIGHT JACK.) I apologized. I'm not a rude animal.

I am amused that the pop-up keyboard that I get on this device has the touch-typing bumps on the F and J keys, so you can see where your index fingers should rest but not, of course, feel it. Maybe the next generation of iDoodad will make virtual bumps you can imagine you feel. [Insert plea to Apple to give me copyright compensation for that idea!]

Be warm, dry and decently fed, each of ya.

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