Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Errands and bridges

My part of Portland's fogged in this morning. I know because people I follow on Twitter are saying things like "it's pink outside" and the most I've seen of that is a vague glow. Blast. I like pretty sunrises (and sunsets)...

We had a glad-making sunny day yesterday, and I was able to use that. Like popfiend, I'm apparently solar-powered, and respond better to life when there's plenty of sun in it. Wednesday was socked in; coincidentally, so was I, not leaving the apartment and not doing much. I had to get more done yesterday.

I did get out (thanks, buses and my legs) to the Hawthorne Powell's, selling $10 worth of books; to the Belmont library branch, where the books I hadn't been able to sell I was able to donate; to the Hawthorne Fred Meyer, where $8.30 of that $10 became groceries; and to a Starbucks south of that (39th/Cesar Chavez Blvd. and Holgate, there now you can retrace my steps), because I had a 15-minute wait for the bus home so why not do it in a warm store?

And last night, I gave myself another excuse to go out and I walked/bussed down to where a bridge is moving. The Sellwood Bridge is being moved over to temporary supports, a piece at a time, so that its replacement bridge can be built where the bridge itself has stood for the past 87 years. I'm glad I don't have that job. It was dark by the time I got down there, down on the east approach to the bridge, so the best clue I had for anything being moved was the darkness ahead of me where a chunk of bridge used to be*. The bridge, obviously, is closed: it closed yesterday morning, for what should be a week, and the morning commute was slammed. I even saw the effects, walking up Milwaukie Ave. on my morning trip. Sounds like this morning is more manageable (and that yesterday's evening commute went better, too).

So. I'm here. And can still write. What else can I do?

* I was wrong. I looked again today (Friday, 1/18/2013) and the darkness I'd seen was just due to shadows caused by a floodlight. The pieces of the bridge that have been moved are farther along the span; the construction crew has shifted a short chunk of it several feet, then the next chunk several more feet, and a third chunk several feet still. The long bits of the bridge that need to movde to the temporary supports will get moved in the next few days. This is a fascinating job, and I'M GLAD I'M NOT DOING IT. Whoa.

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