Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Once upon a time, I had a dog

Dogs. I miss dogs. I kind of wish I'd met Hondo, one of my Dad's pets growing up, but! We had Sophie. From 1990, when she was two years old, to 2004, when she was 16. She was puppy-like for quite a lot of those years, though she got through the "chew all the things" stage reasonably quickly. (Her favorite target? Mom and Dad's big hardcovers. We still have one of the Tom Clancy books she nommed.)

I didn't know we were getting Sophie until I heard her smashing footfalls from the first floor of our Oakton house while I was upstairs in Mom and Dad's room. That noise was all my warning -- she didn't bark all THAT much -- that I'd be about to fall for a dog. We'd gotten her because a co-worker of Dad's was getting a divorce, and his new home had room for one of his two Labs. He let Dad know; Dad had been wanting a yellow lab for a while; they trusted each other; we had a dog.

Sophie is still the only dog I've lived with for more than dog sitting. (Now I'm thinking of the good dogs I've looked after. I've known lots of good dogs.) She was a 76-pound lap dog -- I have photo proof of that -- and was very very friendly. Possibly dumb as lint, but she was charmingly dumb.

Maybe one person didn't like Sophie, and this person was the daughter of visitors to our Oakton house. She was dressed in a black dress for an event she was going to next, and she sat down on the love seat that had become Sophie's place to sit. Sophie was a yellow Lab. You do the math. Tape was needed to get rid of the Sophie hair.

But generally, people liked Sophie, and Sophie liked people, even her last veterinarian. We got lots of compliments about our dog. As you hope your dog does.

We eventually put Sophie down in spring 2004; we perhaps had waited longer than we should have, because those last few months were difficult for her. I won't go into details; you can guess and imagine fine on your own, if you've had a dog. But, of course and thank goodness, she'd had far more good months in her life.

I'm hoping and guessing that she hasn't ruined me for other dogs. And I think that when I live in a larger place, I'll have a dog.

Sorry, cat people, I won't likely be adopting a cat. I've had VERY good luck with my friends' cats, including my former girlfriend Alicia's cats, but I don't see myself as a cat person. But I'll be good to cats. But I want to be good to a dog.

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