Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Getting used to it (I almost titled this "Getting used," but that could mean something different)

Will I write differently on an iPad than I do on a desktop computer? I'll find out!

I forced myself while at a library today to write a decent-length entry on the iPad. The thought process that leads to me writing entries didn't seem to go the way it usually goes. I had to tell myself Just write about whatever comes up. I considered writing a poem, but didn't think my mind would generate one at that time. (Plus I was listening to a couple of podcasts, thanks to having stereo earphones that are compatible with the iPad, and being creative while listening to people actually talk is sometimes hard for me. Focus would be too divided.) Then I realized I could write about my former dog. Thus, this. I could do it.

And it's fairly easy to close the LJ app and check the web for info I might need, knowing that whatever I've written so far will stay there unmolested and be reopened easily. I was a little worried that I'd lose writing.

Will writing in different environs also have an effect? Will I actually be able to write in a coffee house? Especially creatively? Or would I be more likely to fart around? I'm good at farting around, maybe too good. I don't need more places to fart around, I need to do more work. *grins wryly*

Still, it's a neat device, and I'm finding more places where I can and can't use it. I most likely won't be getting mobile access to the Web anytime soon, because bills, but I'll find more places where that sweet signal is shooting by. (By the way, I went past the library again after it had closed and tested whether its unlocked wifi was still on and if I could get the signal from outside. Nope, it was off. Makes sense.)

I'm home, by the way. Back where I'm more used to blogging and Webbing.

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