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"The smell is coming from INSIDE YOUR HOME!"

Annoying not-yet-pinpointed smell in my apartment is annoying and not yet pinpointed.

If it's from a fragment of food that's been left out, I haven't found it.

Worse smells have happened in this building. I didn't smell this, but a few years ago a man died in one of the apartments. He lived alone, and wasn't discovered until later and you can guess how. Please let that not be the case here. I'm 95% sure it isn't.

But meanwhile, there's still a smell and I haven't eradicated it. And that's after dusting and vacuuming in the area near my desk where the smell's been most noticeable. Once I try sniffing somewhere more specific -- around my computer tower, behind my desk, on kitchen counters, next to the stove and the fridge, near my bedn near the floor -- I don't smell a sign that points me more towards whatever this is. It's still frustratingly non-specific.

If tomorrow is a bright day like today was, I'll do what I should have done today and open the windows (bundle up, too; like most of the U.S. right now, it's cold) and try to air out this place. And there's airspray.

I want to thank whoever in my building cooked something earlier today that smelled good and was strong enough of a smell that it covered this, so I could avoid the annoying smell for a bit. But I'd like to get rid of it, not avoid it. Still trying to.

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