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Well, that could've been worse

Adventures in being glad I rent: this morning I woke up, puttered around my place, ate my morning apple juice and banana, looked online for a bit, showered, dressed, and started to think of the more substantial part of breakfast which is when I noticed water on the kitchen floor. A leak had started, from the hot water control knob under the sink. The water had gotten as far as under the fridge, and was pooling under the oven too. Not to the main room's rug, thank goodness. Could've been worse thing #1.

Still, I was not happy. But I toweled up what I could, started a note to leave for my landlord because I didn't want to explain all of it in a phone message, then told myself "Okay: DRIVE," meaning drive to work, which gives me a little more time in the mornings. That was could've been worse thing #2; I have another option for getting to work than taking buses, and by deciding that I could avoid stressing about reaching a bus in time. I finished the note (actually two notes, to deal with two related problems; long story, or maybe it isn't but I don't feel like telling it, so there), then called my landlord. I was relieved that it went to message, so I wouldn't be waking him up at 6 a.m. but he'd know as soon as possible.

Me being me, I was worried about it while at work. I called twice during the day to see if I could reach my landlord again and didn't, but I did my best to reassure myself that I'd called the right number and he would have gotten the message. And he had; I got home quickly (thanks, my car! thanks, traffic not being too heavy!) and found a note from him, describing what he'd done and what will happen next. It, will, be, fixed.

In fact, there are certainly more than 2 "could've been worse" things involving this leak, but you can likely puzzle those out from this post. I am grateful that this isn't too bad and is fixable.

(Using a wet icon to represent how NOT-wet I was during these shenanigans!)

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