Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Blank. Blank? Blank...

Today? It was like my brain was empty. Tired (my fault), not enough to eat (also my fault), a little headachey (maybe my fault?), trying not to be or feel sick while also being productive at work... it made for a long day.

It's mind-recovery time. It helps that I've eaten. And it was a decent-sized dinner, a "find various stuff and mix it together" dinner. Chicken and pasta were involved. Herbal tea, too. Even poached eggs on bread, which was how dinner started: that gave me the strength to go on. No, that's overstating it, but getting some food made me feel better. I got one aspirin into myself then, too, to be on the safer less potentially "ow"-y side.

If I say more than the facts, I might stop making sense. It's been that kind of day.

In good news, my kitchen sink gets repaired tomorrow morning. And for now, the leak's small enough that a small towel's enough to keep it at bay. Also, I can take it easy now. I hope plenty of you are feeling easy, too.

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