Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Faucets are magic!

Good thing: here's where you've gone!* You've gone to me, and I appreciate that.

My kitchen sink now has a new, fully working, completely not-leaking faucet. It works!

Apart from the obvious reason to celebrate, which is "things that work are good," one time my landlord looked at my then-messed up faucet and said fixing it might require (if I remember correctly) breaking the whole sink, and I was loath to go through that unless absolutely necessary. Yay for not needing something that big!

(Also, my landlord had the right size replacement bulb for my kitchen light, so that works again. Safely, even!)

Now to wash towels, especially the ones used to sop up the leak when it was bad...

* Random song quote is random. ("Doop do-dee-doop...") From here:

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