Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

In which I catch up to entire countries

Soup for breakfast. This has been a thing for me since at least my teens. I remember scrambled eggs back when Mom would make them for me, and I ate a fair amount of Special K and, other times, cottage cheese (NO NOT TOGETHER), but as I got further into junior high and high school, I got less and less interested in traditional breakfasts. (It was a big deal to me when the Special K recipe changed a bit, and I didn't like the new recipe nearly as much.) By high school, I usually had leftovers. There was almost always enough from previous dinners. Of course, it was a hodgepodge: whatever was available. Often it was pizza (reheated, which years later annoyed my then-girlfriend Alicia. "You don't reheat pizza! Leftover pizza is better cold!")

Otherwise, it was -- to quote Willie from Temple of Doom -- "something simple. Like soup." I had soup a lot as breakfast. Not as much now (I'm more likely to have either grits, or a Grape Nuts-like mix combined with yogurt), but this morning includes split pea with ham. Which looked nasty coming out of its condensed-soup can, but split pea soup isn't the prettiest soup under the best of circumstances. But like many soups, it's warm and filling. And for years I wondered Why don't more people have soup for breakfast?

And I felt a little vindicated to find that pho, which got popularized in Vietnam about a century ago and has made inroads into the U.S. and (glory be!) my lovely town of Portland, where I wouldn't be surprised if people have tried to swim in the stuff, is often a breakfast dish in Southeast Asia. THEY KNEW DECADES AGO WHAT I FIGURED OUT MORE RECENTLY.

All this is to end with this: I could probably have two to three meals a day of pho. Thank you, Portland. And thank you, people from Vietnam and environs. Eat well.

Oh, one more food thought I occasionally have: thank you, early humans who figured out how the hell to make rice something edible. It's not obviously food!

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