Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Friends on a false spring day

A well-lit day. Portland collectively went yessssssssss at how nice and light and relatviely warm today was; I did two long walks, soaking up some sun during both as I went to and from the library. (Another motive for walking: not using TriMet tickets, as this month I didn't buy a monthly pass. February is the least-painful month to go pass-less.) Portland gets these glimpses of spring and then dives under the wet blanket of clouds for the rest of the winter, but we'll deal with that, having stored some of today's light. It helped.

Second walk also yielded a visit with one of my acquaintances, Heather T. (not to be confused with Heather G. -- by the way, "Heather G." sounds like a rapper's name), who was riding by on her bicycle. Bicycles are easy to stop, easier than cars are, so we walked in the same direction for a bit and updated each other on our lives; we hadn't seen each other for a few weeks. We hugged a quick friend-hug and went our separate ways.

After that, and getting home (dishwashing! Food! Online stuff!), I headed out for my next visit to my friend of -- whoa -- going back to 2001. Matt Kaplan, one of my fellow survivors of the Vesta call center. We hadn't seen each other since summer 2011; his family's been living in Hawaii. Now they're here again, and Matt's gone from working a drive-thru Starbucks in Hilo to working a drive-thru Starbucks near SE 82nd and Johnson Creek. When he and his wife Gerry moved from Portland, they were a couple: now they're foster-turned-adoptive parents. Of four. They've both known they should be parents, and they became parents like whoa.

And finally we could visit again; today had turned out to be a good day to do so. Next I'll visit him and the rest of the family (oo! We can call them "the fam-damily" now!) sometime. And Matt being in town may continue Portland's Jonathan Frakes sightings, even if Frakes doesn't come back to direct anything else here now that Leverage has ended. Anyway, there was hugging. Hugging is magic.

And after that I treated myself to dinner at Five Guys Burgers and Fries, since one's in walking distance of that Starbucks, and I walked not in the sun because it was dusk by then, but the sky was still lit up prettily with backlit wisps of clouds. Up there, it was (and is) colder. It'll be cold down here again, because we still have a turn at winter, but! Not today. And hugs (after all, I mentioned hugs) can help with keeping us warmer.

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