Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

Things I'm relieved to know:

  • I can edit when it's loud.

    I've been home a lot this week, and I've opened an old text file: my 2002 National Novel Writing Month story. I re-saved it and have been editing it, shortening it. It can be shorter. It can also stand to be finished, and before I can do that I need to re-familiarize myself with it.

    This week I've done that while the apartment buildings next to where I live are getting remodeled.

    It'd be hell trying to write anything new while that noise is going on, but I can still concentrate on the text already there. I also don't need music during that, though it's nice when I get it; keeping the music off this week means it doesn't get interrupted by power saws. Power saws even drown out Bernard Herrmann.

  • I need not fear ties. Because I need not fear the top button on my button-down shirts.

    I wore a tie today. Tonight is First Thursday, a monthly art event, and I spent a few hours at Sequential Art Gallery getting to hear artist Steve Lieber talk about his art for Caitlin R. Kiernan's (greygirlbeast) comic series Alabaster. As informal as Portland is, I still know some damn stylish people -- they remind me that it's okay to wear more than khakis and T-shirts. So I wore a button-down with my Star Trek tie (you can see it here!) and I got compliments on it. Before that, before leaving home to go to the gallery in fact, I got dressed, buttoned that top button, and reminded myself that -- yes! -- I wasn't choking. If I had the Adam's Apple of, oh, Steve Martin, that may be an issue, but it isn't. And now I have the urge to wear more ties. I have it on the reliable authority of scholars in ZZ Top that, indeed, every girl crazy 'bout a sharp-dressed man. I'm still stubbed-pencil soft, not sharp, but I can improve...

  • I feel the urge to buy art.

    Art can be neat. The motivation can be as simple as that. Supporting people I like is another good reason to buy, and I am aware of more chances to do so. I'll be vague, but this is me giving myself permission to get art.

    Therefore I will try to earn the money needed to be able to buy art. And I was thinking this well before spending tonight at an art gallery.

  • I can still write, and I can still blog. I just have to let myself think I have things worth saying. I say worthwhile stuff enough...
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