Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

More Time Than Money

So I've been walking. Yesterday I covered more than a few miles; today, so far, a couple. Again, so far. Generally going through side streets to see neighborhoods, as opposed to main drags. Less traffic. That way it's safer to read: yesterday finishing the 1970 Donald Westlake novel The Hot Rock, where Westlake's crook Dortmunder has to steal the same emerald six times; then, yesterday and today, the nicely nasty new book Blood Oranges by Caitlin R. Kiernan (greygirlbeast). Also had my iPad, and found an additional place or two where I can reach wifi and (I hope) NOT GET CAUGHT MOOCHING. Plus I had (and have) snacks, which helped me avoid getting food on the run yesterday. Besides, if I go out to eat, I should more often go out to eat with friends and family so I have people to talk to.

But for now, there are the nice streets of Portland and not-too-wet weather in which to walk on them, as well as my figuring out where the Buckman Pool is so that one of these days I can go swimming and not freeze my privates off. (My danglies? Why not. Yeah, my danglies. I'm feeling frisky.)

I've been up to other low-budget stuff. I'm also preparing for a new temp assignment starting tomorrow, one a little less physical than the bindery job and also a) better-paying and b) with more hours. I'll see if I'm good at it and if I feel good at doing it.

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