Chris Walsh (chris_walsh) wrote,
Chris Walsh

The New Work

I've needed a better job. After joining another temp agency last week, I'm now in training for what might be that better job.

It's a call center job, one literally within walking distance of where I live. (In fact, I'm pretty sure it'd take me longer to drive there than walk there.) I've done call center work before, at Vesta from February 2001 to January 2004; this job will be both more variable -- far more of a variety of possible questions -- and looser, as I'll have more possible responses to those questions; also, the time targets on this assignment aren't as brutal as they were at that previous job.

Also, it's better paying and with more hours than either the bindery job or -- heh -- the construction company job.

If this works for me, I'm going to go "Why didn't I do this sooner?!" I hope that it does and that I do. I'll see. I'm still in training. At the Vesta call center in 2001, I got one day of training; here, the other new hires and I are getting a week and a half. Paid, of course. I made sure to ask; hey, I'm a little wary about money. I want to be less wary of money. And of the work I get.

Now to train well. For the next week-plus, that's my job.

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